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About Us


I’m Romina and I come from Peru! I’m the founder of Picotton and it all came about with the birth of my son Noah. I had been living in Switzerland since 2015 and once Noah was born I was looking for soft, durable baby clothes at reasonable prices. I was already using Pima Cotton products brought from Peru and I notice how lovely the cotton was on my baby’s skin. I started searching for the best quality and the softest cotton and it was impossible to find good quality at affordable prices. It was then when I decided to present this premium Peruvian Pima Cotton to the Swiss market, the softest and most durable cotton.

As a “mom-prenuer” and encouraged by my own maternal experiences, I draw inspiration from my own necessities as a mother. It is possible to be a mom and be entrepreneurial at the same time. I have always believed in setting an example about following your passion and believing in your own dreams.

I hope you enjoy my baby collection as much as I have!

About Picotton

At Picotton, we believe babies should wear only the most comfortable and softest clothing on their delicate skin. This is why, we manufacture every piece in our collection with this amazingly soft fabric.

We want to offer Mom’s around the world comfortably clothing that is pure enough for babies, hypoallergenic, machine-wash friendly, and extremely durable.

Social Responsability

As part of our Social Responsibility campaign, we will help with the health of the less fortunate Peruvian children, donating 10% of our earnings to the San Juan de Dios Peruvian Public Hospital.

To collaborate with us or to obtain more information about our products, please contact us through

Our Partners

About Pima Cotton

Pima cotton was cultivated by pre-Inca cultures more than 5,000 years ago and is the combination of seed, soil and microclimates and the careful handpicking which makes the longest and finest cotton fiber.

Most Pima Cotton is grown along the northern coastal valleys of Peru. This area is known for its nearly perfect temperatures all year round and its rich soil that naturally soaks up just the right amount of moisture for the cotton plants. These impeccable conditions result in a beautiful, silky luster and soft texture.

It is an excellent choice for sensitive baby skin due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Why use Pima Cotton

SOFT: Peruvian Pima cotton is picked entirely by hand, which leads to fewer imperfections and a smoother finish.

DURABLE: Due to its extra long staple length, Peruvian Pima Cotton is durable, and highly resistant. Peruvian Pima cotton fiber is about twice the length of normal cotton. It has a length between 38.10 to 41.27 mm. Other fibers only reach between 20 and 32 mm.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Peruvian Pima cotton helps to reduce the risk of causing an allergic symptom or an allergic reaction.

COMFORTABLE: A delicate yet durable fiber has a natural stretchiness, making it very comfortable to wear without being excessively restrictive

NATURAL BRIGHT: Hand harvested, Pima cotton has bright white fibers and is virtually free from impurities.

ABSORBENT: Peruvian Pima Cotton is more absorbent than others cottons.

What our customers say !
Catia Adricio, April 2018 / Zurich, Switzerland
"Soft cotton, totally recommended for babies. Super quality!"
Cristina Lipun, setiembre 2018, Zurich, Suiza
Excellent quality of cotton, beautiful finishes and beautiful designs with good price. Quality products, made with love
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Discover our fine baby clothes collection made with premium Peruvian Pima Cotton.

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